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Unlike many sustainable development charities, our focus is on the Personal Development of our volunteers as well as the vital conservation and education work that we do. Our Reviews are testament to that ethos!

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Rosie Plummer

ESL Program Manager -


The Trust has given me a whole new family!

My students at the Trust were the most fantastic and fun-loving group I could have wished for! I enjoyed teaching a real diversity of English classes during my time in Sumatra. I could go on about the Jungle Treks, the Weddings the motorbikes and the heat! but ill let you find out for yourself. The Trust has taught me that life really is one big adventure!

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Emma Johann

ESL Volunteer

I can honestly say it was the best time of my life!

The team is amazing and I felt soon as a part of our own little Trust family. Staying at the trust means you actually do things, which is not so common for volunteers in the teaching field. For that I'm really grateful! I've learnt so much about teaching and working with children and am so grateful for everyone who made me feel so needed and loved here! 

Terima Kasih Banyak! 

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Venitia Acou

Youth Livelihood Facilitator

This experience has been wonderful and so rich! 

I can't wait to come again!!!

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Nuria Golter

ESL Volunteer

5 stars out of 5! 

The Bukit Lawang Trust is a wonderful place for the children of Bukit Lawang and surroundings. They don't only learn about the English Language, but about the world. I could see in their faces and their motivation, how they are always super happy and grateful to go there. It's a safe space for them and often the only possibility to get in touch with people from outside Indonesia. The volunteers always put a lot of effort in to doing their best for the kids! I think this school is a very important place and I hope it can stay alive! 

Kamilla Stumpe

Youth Livelihood Facilitator

An experience to bring you further!

I still know exactly how excited I was before my placement at the Trust and in the end everything turned out really beautiful and easy-going. Throughout my placement in the Youth-Ranger Program and the Sustainable Enterprise program I could learn a wide range of knowledge. I learned many new teaching skills, met such beautiful people, got to know the Indonesian culture and language and with all these I learned for life. Living and working  in the Trust was such an enriching time for me and i loved seeing how warm-hearted and supportive everybody in the Trust and in Bukit Lawang was. I am really grateful for this experience and would recommend everybody who's seeking a beautiful adventure and is interested in environmental education. You'll find yourself welcomed with open arms. Terimah kasih semuanya and see you when i see you! 


ESL Volunteer

This experience has taught me so many things and changed my whole life! 

I can absolutely recommend this once-in-a-lifetime experience to everybody. I worked at the Trust for 3 weeks and most of the time I was teaching Kindergarten kids. I am a social Pedagogue now, but even if you don't have any experiences with kids, I'll promise you will like it. These kids are so amazing - they are so inquisitive and love school. It was always a pleasure to see the kids so happy during the lesson. It was also a quite good experience to see how you can teach things in a different way (no printing, go to copyshop..). 

The people at the Trust and in Bukit Lawang are so friendly and heart-warming. They will always try their best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Like i said I've learnt so much, especially that you don't need as much luxury as we have in Austria. People there are so happy. 

We had a chance to go jungle trekking and you have to do it! Sleeping in the jungle, enjoying the food and sitting next to an orangutan - best experience of my life!! We have also visited elephants, it was so interesting to see them in real life!

Tony D'Amico 

Conservation Program Manager - 


Being able to volunteer with the Bukit Lawang Trust was the experience of a lifetime!

There are lots of options on what to do and no matter the person I am sure an unforgettable experience awaits! I volunteered from January to June 2018 and had several tasks ranging from managing volunteers to teaching Conservation Education and building relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations in the area. 

For me, the time spent with people in the community and fellow volunteers ARE the experience. I wanted to volunteer and support a wonderful organization like the Bukit Lawang Trust, but the people you meet along the way will be the best part of your experience. The food is incredible and the river is fantastic but those relationships last far longer than your trip will. 

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Janine Oworu

ESL Volunteer & PM Education

The time at the Bukit Lawang Trust will always be one very important part of my life!

I was involved at the school from 2016 to 2018. I decided to live in the village of Bukit Lawang when I fell in love with my local husband. That's what happen to many people... falling in love with culture and locals :) I always then had the idea of wanting to help the locals community and kids somehow and to some social and volunteering work. So the Education Centre was the perfect place! Being there for so long, bought me many different experiences (mostly cultural) and the chances to be involved with different projects. Thats what i always loved so much... the huge variety of different people and cultures you get to know, the diversity of jobs and projects waiting there (education, cooking, handicarafts, sports, arts, conservation, rubbish management, sustainability), the local food and nature, the many chances and possibilities, the potential of achieving meaningful and longlasting goals, the diversity of emotions coming along as well. some days will be challenging, but you learn so much about yourself and other people... i dont want to miss that time! 


Spending every morning with the kids was always my highlight, its so much fun and joy! The kids are the heartbeat of the Trust school, and together with the lovely staff members and community of parents, everyone soon feels like being part of a family. I can promise that leaving this place is hard, sad and emotional... cant remember one volunteer who wasn't crying :) 


What I also love is that there is a open door and place for everyone; i have met so many different and awesome volunteers, they all had their own great skills, they all were adored by the kids and became close friends with the locals. we all share the same mission. 


I highly reccomend to everyone to put yourself in this experience  and adventure... its a life experience that will chance your way of thinking and living. Spending time in a developing country opens your heart and eyes to things you weren't aware of yet!


I still follow up what the Trust is doing regularly, and its wonderful to see what the team has achieved during the last years! you need to check their homepage and learn more about the Trusts work and campaigns (for kids, for the elderly, for animals, for young leaders, for new independent businesses , to empower women, and so many more important categories). 

And everyone can still stay involved from far away if you wish to and you miss it all :) 

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