We're a grassroots Conservation & Education charity dedicated to facilitating environmental conservation and sustainable Human Development in Rural North Sumatra, Indonesia. 

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We want to facilitate an economically and environmentally sustainable and conservative balance between Human activity and the severely endangered Leuser Ecosystem.

We are creating a generation of Active Global Citizens who are taking action NOW. Through the delivery of our range of volunteer led environmental conservation and sustainable Human development programs. Providing equal access to education, meaningful and sustainable enterprises and business start ups, protecting severely endangered ecosystems and combatting climate change. 

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Volunteer with us on a range of Education & Sustainable Development programs to create lasting positive change. Join as a Trust volunteer today and see how our young leaders are leading the charge in environmental conservation, education and climate action! 


Stand with us! Support our young leaders taking climate action into their own hands. Directly facilitate the delivery of free education to hundreds people living in rural North Sumatra and support the Trust in  continuing its environmental conservation efforts.

How you can volunteer with the Bukit Lawang Trust


Active Global Citizenship

Volunteer in North Sumatra

Live and work in a Tropical Paradise! Experience a life changing cultural exchange on the very edge of the severely endangered Leuser Ecosystem, the last place on Earth you can find Tigers, Orangutans, Elephants, Clouded Leopards, Rhinoceros and Sun Bears living together in the wild! 

Make a significant impact through our Active Global Citizenship Volunteer Programs. Choose your preference from a range of roles including ESL teacher, Youth Ranger Instructor, Entrepreneurship coach and Ecological Farmer! 

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Volunteer in the UK!

Check out our range of volunteer opportunities in the UK! from managing and coordinating volunteers and large scale events to creating content on your laptop at home, we've got something for everyone! 

Volunteer in the UK

Working From Home

Become a Digital Nomad!

Volunteer From Home

Join our global network of Digital Nomads, and help create inspirational and informative content on important topics such as environmental conservation, sustainable Human development, recycling and actively reducing and many more! As well as assisting reporting on all of the amazing work our volunteers in the UK and in North Sumatra are doing! Join the Trust team from the comfort of your own home and help make a significant difference today! 

Virtual Team Meeting

Expert Advisors

Become an Expert Advisor

Got a degree in Environmental Conservation, Sustainable Development, International Development or something similar? 

Put your knowledge and skills to use as one of our Expert Advisors. 

The Bukit Lawang Trust board of advisors guide us in everything we do. Working alongside the board of Trustees and the Operations team, as an advisor you would have significant input into our delivery, operations and international portfolio. Help to ensure the Trust continues to do good, as it has for almost 20 years!

Our Impact


Global Community of Alumni!

Over 332,800 volunteer hours!

Almost 2 decades igniting Youth Led Action

19 years of service in over 16 rural communities

Partnerships for the Goals

With over 19 years running volunteer lead environmental conservation and sustainable development programs in North Sumatra our volunteers have definitely put in the time! 

The Bukit Lawang Trust currently partners with 22 different environmental conservation charities and initiatives around the world.

With volunteers from over 25 different countries the Bukit Lawang Trust has a growing global community of alumni and activists. 

Since 2003 the Bukit Lawang Trust has served the people of North Sumatra in a wide range of humanitarian aid, sustainable development, environmental conservation, education and natural resource management programs!

More than 19 years experience in igniting volunteer led action!

What makes the Trust special?

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United Nations SDGs:

Since 2019 we've committed to working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in all of our programs. Making sure that our work is wanted, needed and sustainable. 

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Ecological Farming:

We've teamed up with the wonderful people at Erna's Eco-farm to promote environmentally friendly farming practices to help protect the severely endangered Leuser Ecosystem in North Sumatra. 


Offsetting Carbon Emissions:

From 2021 we are committing to planting one tree for every single volunteer that joins us, as well as offsetting our volunteers flights by supporting a local tree nursery. 

Teaching Conservation in the Richard Can

Conservation Education:

Environmental Conservation is at the heart of everything we do, that's why every single program we deliver, regardless of subject or topic, includes education about protecting the natural environment and reducing our impact on climate change. 

Hit the button below to see more of the vital conservation work our dedicated team are working on right now in Sumatra!

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Make an impact, your way! 
With our wide range of environmental conservation, Education and Sustainable Development Programs we've got something for everyone!

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We are always eager to work together with other organisations, NGOs and Societies. Email us to see how we can work together!


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