About Us

Our Mission:

Facilitate a sustainable and conservative balance between Human activity and the natural Leuser Ecosystem through means of delivering education and training to the community of Bukit Lawang and the surrounding area. 

Our Ethos: 

We believe all education should be free and are dedicated to facilitating free education to the local community at a grass roots level. We are a small scale charity and therefore can ensure that all money donated to the Trust goes to those who need it most, and not to international staff wages admin fees or expenses. In fact, all international staff here are unpaid volunteers, including our two managers. 

Our Values: 

Cheerfulness in the face of adversity 

Open mindedness

Never give up!

Selfless Commitment

Equal Opportunities

Respect for Others 


Empathetic Nature

Our History:

The Bukit Lawang Trust was founded in response to a flash flood which destroyed much of the village and killed more than 240 people, leaving approximately 1400 people without a home.

Founder and Trustee Rebecca Coley had been visiting a couple of months earlier and was contacted by friends and asked to help. Rebecca set about raising funds and went back with her family to provide basic aid. 

The Trust grew from here and in 2007 fourteen volunteers build the community centre with locals and support from the Jersey Overseas Aid Commision. At first we focused on healthcare and education as the community rehabilitated and got back on its feet. 

Out of this grew the Bukit Lawang Trust as it is today. The centre is a hub of activity for the community and education and conservation projects throughout the area. The Trust delivers the national curriculum for Kindergarten to almost 60 children in two classes. Additionally the Education Programme delivers English language tuition to almost 200 students from six local communities.


Outside of the education programme the trust delivers a Youth Ranger Programme which aims to give young people a taste of the Ranger Patrol responsibilities and facilitate a better understanding of the importance of safeguarding wildlife and the environment. We also run 'Days for Girls' sessions aimed at empowering and educating women on female health. 

In early 2020 we will be introducing our new Youth-Led Sustainable Enterprise programme designed to promote and encourage small scale sustainable enterprise as alternatives to Palm Oil plantation work. 

Richard Cann Reading Room

Here at the Trust we have the Richard Cann Reading Room, specifically dedicated to conservation outreach in the local community. At present, the room is integral to our Youth Ranger Programme. This room is very close to all of our hearts here at the Trust, as it is in loving memory of Richard Cann, who sadly lost his life in Sumatra. We are all incredibly grateful to the Richard Cann Wildlife Foundation for their constant support of the Trust and kind donations.