Our Team



Head of Conservation - Sam Oakes

Since joining the British Army at the age of 18, I have been involved in managing operations and logistics of a wide range of organisations, from infantry platoons in high stress environments, to volunteer teams for international NGO's. I've overseen the training and development of potential officers for the British Army, under the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst and international volunteers from a wide range of nationalities across 3 continents. Some of my most recent employment saw me managing operations and logistics with a national enterprise programme as part of the international citizen service for Raleigh international in Nepal and Tanzania. In this role, I oversaw the training and development of over 2000 youth entrepreneurs and supported in the establishment of sustainable enterprises in projects across Nepal and Tanzania. Concurrently I have qualified as a personal trainer in the UK, a qualification I now use to deliver aerobics and running club here in Sumatra. I have also just finished my Master of Science degree in Education Leadership Management.

The Bukit Lawang charitable Trust is a grass roots conservation education charity that is small enough to not be lost under bureaucracy and tedium and yet still large enough to make a huge impact on the local community and wider environment. It is my belief that the Trust has a unique and incredible opportunity to effect real and lasting positive change, not only on the local community of Bukit Lawang, but on the endangered Lueser eco-system, and in doing so preserve our planet. Conservation is not an occupation of a few but the responsibility of all of us. I look forward to working with you to protect our planet, its the only one we've got.


Head of Education - Rosie Plummer

I’m always happiest when I’m helping others! Before coming to the Trust, I was volunteering at a refugee centre, teaching English to people from all over the world. While many of my students were beginners at English, one day I had a new student who was trying to pass an English exam, so she could work as a vet in the UK. She had failed this exam 7 times and yet her English seemed as good as mine! She was asking me so many questions about grammar, that I, as a native speaker, had never even considered. She made me realise that I needed to up my game, for her, and for others like her, so I undertook a TEFL qualification to become a more capable teacher.

I have spent time volunteering in UK primary schools and working at various summer camps and social schemes with children of all ages. Before coming to Sumatra, I was a residential Youth Worker for the National Citizen Service, helping teenagers to bond as a group and gain confidence in themselves. This job was often challenging and unpredictable, but incredibly rewarding! What I loved most about this job was encouraging teenagers to give back to their local communities, which in turn changed their perception of not only their local area, but also of themselves. I worked with groups in food banks, arranged fun days, re-modelled local outdoor areas and took kids who had never left their city canoeing! Within this role, safeguarding was of course crucial, and I aim to ensure that every child here at the Trust is cared for and kept from harm.

The Trust initially appealed to me due to its focus on making education accessible for all. Educational inequality can have a massive impact on any child, anywhere in the world. About two weeks before I applied to work at the Trust I had been offered a well-paid job teaching English within a private school. When I skyped Rebecca, her passion for the Trust completely shone through, it was such a contrast from the more cooperate style role I had been considering, that I immediately turned the other job down. Hearing about the Trust really made me realise that I want to work for a good cause, not to make money for a large company, or even for myself. The fact that the Trust not only provides children with unique opportunities, but also focuses on conservation makes it a truly incredible place.

I have always wanted to live in another country, yet it seemed so hard to find something that wasn’t a cooperate style teaching job, but that also wasn’t just unsustainable voluntourism. The Trust truly is a grassroots organisation, employing local staff and returning all profit back into the charity. It’s a privilege to be able to live in this community and learn from it.

Teacher and Sponsor - Tri Tamira

When I was at University I gained practical experience teaching in both elementary and Primary schools. Outside of my studies I also worked as a private Tutor in Medan. After graduating, I briefly worked for Asahan financial before going back to Bukit Lawang to volunteer in PPLH. Now I am working every morning in an elementary government run school and working in the afternoons as a teacher at the Trust. 

The activities provided here at the Trust really help our community here in Bukit Lawang and around the local area. The English and Conservation education, as well as many other acitivies have a hugely positive effect, not only for the children, but also for the endangered Lueser eco-system which we all call home. The Leuser eco-system is so important for the future of our planet and I hope that these children will bring a postivie change to future generations, both in Bukit Lawang and for the world as a whole! It isfor these reasons that I have a strong desire to keep working here, this is how I can help my community.

Assistant Teacher, Transport and Logistics Coordinater and Cook - Fitri 

​​​​​​​​I have worked at the Bukit Lawang Trust for over 11 years now, and have held a wide range of roles and responsibilities over my time here.

There are many reasons that I love working for the Trust, but most importantly I love being here as its given me a chance to learn English myself and to work with children!



Guru TK/ Kindergarten Teacher - Rasimah

The majority of my work experience has been based around delivering education to children to promote quality and independence. I also have experience in implementing conservation attitudes into the curriculum, for example, the importance of keeping the environment clean and managing waste and litter. I try to help children realise their potential and be the intelligent good people that they are.

The Trust is an ideal place to work as it is situated close to my home, but there is so much more than that. At the Trust I can learn how to keep the environment clean and gain lots of experience. For me, the Trust is the best!


Guru TK/ Kindergarten Teacher- Ida

I have been working at the Trust as a Kindergarten Teacher for the past 8 years. My love of kids is what motivated me to work at the Trust. I love working hard and gaining new experience, there are lots of lessons for me at the Trust, even as a Teacher!

Guru TK/ Kindergarten Teacher - Butet

I have been working at the Trust for the past 8 years, I like being a teacher here, I love the kids and I LOVE THE TRUST!


Cleaning and Site Maintenance – Wati

I have been responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of Bukit Lawang Trust Centre for the past ten years. I love the Trust, not only because it is close to my home, but also because it allows me to learn English, gain many new experiences and see the children, who I love!

All of our local Indonesian staff are paid a monthly wage.