Thank you for being awesome and helping us to make a difference!

What will your money pay for? 

From school resources, to fuel costs, to local staff salaries, to building repairs, donations are all gratefully received and keep us running day to day.

Is the cost of clean drinking water for all children, staff and volunteers at the Trust Hub for a week. 

Is the salary of one of our full-time local Programme Coordinators 
for 1 month so they can deliver lessons and train our volunteers.  

Is the cost of the petrol for 4 teachers' motorbikes to travel to the more remote villages where they teach classes in conservation and English.

Is the cost for the becak drivers to bring children who live in rural areas to our English and Conservation classes. 

Is the salary of 1 part-time Kindergarten Teacher who runs our free school for 4-5 years olds. 

Is the monthly electricity cost for our Trust Hub building.

Thank you for your donation!

Bank: NatWest Bank
Account Name: Bukit Lawang Trust
Sort Code: 60 – 12 – 03
Account Number: 26193000
IBAN: GB24NWBK60120326995271

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