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Life at the Hub

Your behind the scenes look at what life is like here at the BLT Hub in Bukit Lawang!

Our timetable is pretty full here for the staff and volunteers and we work hard to make our lessons and projects be the best they can be for our beneficiaries. But, when you're not planning, teaching or running sessions in the community, there are plenty of other things to get involved with... 

We run weekly cooking nights at The Trust, go for team swims at the river, host quiz nights to raise money in the local village, attend weddings and celebrations, go for dinner in the huge array of warungs and restaurants, dance and sing in to the live music in Bukit Lawang, run and take part in fitness classes, go for team adventures at the weekends, enjoy a team building weekend together, take Bahasa Indonesia lessons, try local workshops and so much more...

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