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Indonesian Volunteer Programme

Are you from Indonesia? Would you like to volunteer with the Trust? We've launched a new programme specifically for volunteers from Indonesia. Whether you are local to Bukit Lawang or live in another part of the country, we want you to apply!


We are recruiting for one of four programmes, Youth Ranger (conservation), Eco Farming, Sustainable Business and Kindergarten Support.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to gain experience in the field of education or charity work, specifically for those people interested in conservation, the environment and community development.

The full details of the volunteer placement and everything that is included are listed below. However if you would like more information, please send an email to


When is the volunteer placement?

We are currently recruiting for the following upcoming Cycles.

What are the requirements?

  • You must have conversational level English. You do not need to speak perfectly, but we are an international team, so it’s important you feel confident to speak to non-indonesian staff and volunteers.


  • You must care about access to education for all people. We teach children and adults in areas where access to education is often limited. 

  • You must care about conservation and sustainable development. The Trust's values and objectives are rooted in these issues. All our programmes exist because we are focused on these causes.


  • You must care about investing and supporting our local community in and around Bukit Lawang, North Sumatra.


  • You must have a willingness and desire to support with general projects and tasks at the Trust since you won't always be working on your chosen programme. You must always be ready to get involved, to help and to have a can do attitude.


Eco Farming

  • You must have an interest in 'eco', sustainable or organic farming or want to learn about it.

  • You must be happy to do physical work outside, sometimes in the heat.  And for early morning starts too!

  • Experience is not essential, but it's great if you have some.

  • Knowledge about farming gained through a degree or something similar is also welcomed, but not essential.

  • And if you have experience working with kids this it will also be helpful.

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Sustainable Business

  • If you have experience teaching adults that's great but not essential. But you must be interested in helping to teach.

  • You have to be a good communicator.

  • You have to be interested in helping people grow and develop their businesses.

  • If you have experience running a small business, and can share your expertise, that's also great but not essential. 

Youth Ranger

  • A passion for conservation and caring for our natural environment is essential.

  • Experience teaching or working with kids will be helpful but is not required.

  • But you must be good with kids and happy to work with them.

  • If you have experience working in fields related to the environmental that is very welcome. For example in animal conservation or jungle guiding. 



  • Experience working with kids at work or in your personal life, at home or in your wider family.

  • You must be interested in helping kids learn and grow.

  • You must show a willingness to sing, to play, to be silly and generally energetic with the kids. 

  • Flexibility and willingness to adapt as we continually develop the programme to best suit the kids needs.

  • You must be willing to support on other programmes at the Trust as TK only runs for 2 hours a day.

What is included?

  • Transportation to the Trust. If you are coming from another part of Indonesia, your flight to Medan is covered in the package. We will also arrange a car for you from Medan to Bukit Lawang. 

  • A certificate of completion at the end of your course and reference for future employment.

  • Accommodation in a shared dormitory at the Trust building.

  • Cooked lunches Monday to Friday. Breakfast essentials provided at all times, and expenses given for dinners and food at the weekend. 

  • One English Lessons per week and the chance to work in an international team when English is the main language.

  • Relevant training for your specific program. For example, if you are teaching kids, we will provide classroom and teacher training.

  • A two day jungle trek in the Gunung Leuser National Park. One of only two places in the world to see wild orangutans.

  • Optional fitness classes during the week.

  • A team building weekend away from the Trust.

  • A local craft workshop, either - wood carving, eco-soap making, eco-printing, bamboo weaving, cookery class, Batik design and more. 


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Volunteer with the Bukit Lawang Trust

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