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We are the 


We are a grassroots Education & Conservation charity based in rural North Sumatra, Indonesia. 

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Our Mission

To facilitate an economically and environmentally sustainable balance between human activity and severely endangered natural ecosystems, through the implementation of a range of community-led development programmes.​ We aim to empower local people and encourage sustainable development through the education we provide.

We deliver high quality, free education to communities which are run by our local team and supported by volunteers. Our programmes include:


Eco Farming

English Language

Sustainable Business


Womens Group

Exercises Classes

Our programmes help to build stronger, more resilient communities while supporting efforts to
protect severely endangered ecosystems.

Help us to deliver free education to hundreds people living in rural North Sumatra and support the Trust in continuing its environmental conservation efforts. Volunteer with us or make a donation.

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Over 333,000 volunteer hours!

The Bukit Lawang Trust currently partners with 22 different environmental conservation charities and initiatives around the world.

Over the past 20 years volunteers have helped us run our education, conservation and humanitarian programmes!

20 years of service in over 10 rural communities

Since 2003 the Bukit Lawang Trust has served the people of North Sumatra in a wide range of humanitarian aid, sustainable development, environmental conservation, education and natural resource management programs!


Volunteer With Us

Tell me more!

Volunteer in the UK


Check out our range of volunteer opportunities in the UK, from managing and coordinating volunteers and large scale events to creating content on your laptop at home, we've got something for everyone! 

Contact us to find our more info.


Come to live and work with us in Sumatra! This is a once in in life time experience and you'll help us to deliver our work and support the communities we work with. Click for more information about the programmes we offer, how to apply and what's included.

Volunteer in Sumatra

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Got a degree in Environmental Conservation, Sustainable Development, International Development or something similar? 

Put your knowledge and skills to use as one of our Expert Advisors. 

The Bukit Lawang Trust board of advisors guide us in everything we do. Working alongside the board of Trustees and the Operations team, as an advisor you would have significant input into our delivery, operations and international portfolio.

Become an Expert Advisor

How Else Can I Get Involved?

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Partner With Us

We are always eager to work together with other organisations, NGOs and Societies. Click below to contact us now and we will be get touch!

Partner With Us

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Support Us

If you'd like to donate, please hit the button below. Or if you would like to support us in other ways take a look at the 'Get Involved' in the main menu.

Support Us

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Our Partners

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