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The Sustainable Business Programme involves working with local entrepreneurs who either have their own business or want to start one. We deliver a 10-12 week training course about business and sustainability essentials. After this, individuals get the chance to receive a grant from the Trust, in order to help them develop their business ideas. 

This programme is currently only open to bahasa Indonesia speaking volunteers due to the fact it is delivered in that language, however if you are interested in being involved in the curriculum design then please also get in touch!

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On all volunteer placements, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a traditional workshops including organic soap making, bamboo weaving, tree planting, Eco brick making ortraditional Indonesian cooking classes!

Our community centre is situated in the small community of Gotong Royong near Bukit Lawang, on the very edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park. One of the most severely endangered tropical ecosystems on the planet & a UNESCO world heritage site.  The Leuser Ecosystem is the last place on Earth where one can find Orangutans, Tigers, Rhinoceros, Elephants, Clouded Leopards & Sun Bears living together in the wild.  Every one of our placements includes a 2 day expedition into the Tropical Jungle! 

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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Dates & Placements 2024

Orangutan Cycle: Friday 6th January - Sunday 5th of March 

Tiger Cycle: Friday 19th April - Friday 14th June 

Elephant Cycle: Friday 21st June - Friday 16th August

Leopard Cycle: Friday 23rd August - Friday 18th October

Rhino Cycle: Friday 25th October - Friday 13th December 

     Duration - 8 Weeks   Volunteering Fundraising target - £1000

We still have spaces this spring/summer (2024) for volunteers!


If you'd be interested in joining us this year, but you cannot completely commit to the dates on one of the above cycles, please apply anyway and we can discuss a time period that would work for you.

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Got a Question? 

We would love to hear from you!

You can email us at

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