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Meet the Team

We are a diverse team made up of Indonesian and international staff members, each with their own unique skills and talents that keep the charity running smoothly every day.

Tropical Leaves

Agus Damanik

Agus is a Programme Coordinator for arranging Ecofarming Program at Bukit Lawang Trust. Prior to that, he worked as in administration for an NGO and  as a laboratory assistant for a few different places.


He graduated from the Faculty Mathematic and Sciences from Bogor Agricultural University. Aside from work, Agus is passionate about volunteership especially about free knowledge and information.


Olya became passionate about education at 15 and has worked in various related settings - running summer camps, ski instructing, working in a nursery, helping struggling children learn how to read – and so much more! After completing her studies to become a teacher, she decided to leave Canada to travel and teach English around the world. Prior to joining the Trust Olya spent two years in Austria and Germany but decided it was time to explore Asia and see what she could contribute in other parts of the world.

As Education Manager, Olya is responsible for the development and delivery of the ESL and YR programmes.

Apply Today

We are looking for passionate, and hard working conservationists with a interest in conservation and a determination to make the world a better place! If that sounds like you then hit the button below to see our amazing opportunities! 

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