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Youth Ranger Instructor

Take the lead on our pioneering environmental conservation program. The Guardians of the Forest Youth Ranger Program! Help enable young and old to come together and make a positive difference. To allow local people in North Sumatra to take on ownership and responsibility for the natural environment and the animal species that share it with us! 

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Tropical Leaves

Placement Overview: 

Different Guardianships: 

  • Community Schools Level: This provides everyone the chance to be a guardian and participate in activities. All contributions are valuable. 

The community Schools Youth Ranger Program:

This program takes youth rangers through a range of workshops and interactive activities including sessions such as Tree planting, forest clean up, community composting, community recycling, Youth Rangers patrol duties and a range of theatre ‘for environmental change’ sessions. 

These open workshops for different groups are delivered both at the Trust and at our target communities in Batu Ronring, Batu Katak, Bukit Lawang, Lanbau and Bohorok. 

The program gives our Youth Rangers opportunities to learn about what is happening in and around the Tropical Leuser Ecosystem here in North Sumatra, its major threats and ways to protect it. 

Youth Rangers are also provided with an opportunity to become a participant of the Youth on Environment Program, which is a campaign program that allows children and young people to reach out to decision makers and community stakeholders. Spreading the word and allowing their voices to be heard. Using the school banners to support their delegation event and activities. 

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Guardianship Achievement Program: Bronze, Silver and Gold: This pathway provides participants the opportunity to learn and develop new skills.

The Guardianship Achievement Program

Not dissimilar from the Duke of Edinburgh award in the United Kingdom, the Bronze, Silver and Gold level awards take 14-year-old and above young people through a progressive route to build employability skills whilst learning about the environment, sustainability and conservation. This development program takes participants through a range of activities and expeditions to help achieve and grow the development of new skills. Through self directed learning, participants are encouraged to have a mentor to support their journey.

Your Impact:

As a Youth Ranger Instructor you will be on the front line of environmental conservation. You will take the lead in training the next generation of Jungle Rangers to protect severely endangered species of animal such as the Sumatran Tiger, Elephant, Leopard, Rhinoceros, Orangutan & Sun Bears. 


Teach your students the basics of navigation, silent communication, animal recognition and tracking, flora and fauna species and much more! 


be a part of a global movement that is changing the way we see endangered species and habitats for generations to come! 

Placement Highlights

Make an Impact... your way!

Here at the Bukit Lawang Trust we believe that education is the first step towards inspiring and nurturing large scale climate action. Those that do not know about climate change cannot fight against it. This is why we teamed up with the amazing people at Darwin Animal Doctors to create this pioneering environmental conservation program that directly targets future generations of conservationists! 

Join the program that has had global success and join our dedicated team of conservationists and volunteers working on the thin green line to protect endangered species of animal and the ecosystems they call home!

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Receive bespoke career training & support!

Our YR program is an outstanding stepping stone for a career in environmental conservation. We pride ourselves in our bespoke staff training and support. As a volunteer on the YR program you will receive comprehensive training at the beginning of your placement & 1 to 1 support from our experienced management team, throughout your placement!


Majestic Giants

As part of our new and improved volunteer placements we have partnered with the Tankahan Elephant Sanctuary to provide an amazing expedition walking with Sumatran Elephants through the Tropical Jungle! 

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Live & Work on the edge of Paradise!

Our community centre is situated in the small community of Gotong Royong near Bukit Lawang, on the very edge of the Gunung Leuser National Park. One of the most severely endangered tropical ecosystems on the planet & a UNESCO world heritage site. 

The Leuser Ecosystem is the last place on Earth where one can find Orangutans, Tigers, Rhinoceros, Elephants, Clouded Leopards & Sun Bears living together in the wild. 

And the best part is, every one of our placements includes a 2 day expedition into the Tropical Jungle! 

"5 stars out of 5 stars!"

 - Nuria Golter, Conservation Volunteer

Experience Traditional Sumatran Culture!

Alongside your work as an YR Instructor, you will also  have the opportunity to participate in a range of traditional workshops including organic soap making, bamboo weaving, tree planting, Eco brick making and traditional Indonesian cooking classes!

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"Being Able to volunteer with the Bukit Lawang Trust was the experience of a lifetime!

- Tony Damico, Conservation Volunteer

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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Tropical Leaves

Dates & Placements

Orangutan Cycle: Friday 7th January - Sunday 6th of March 

Tiger Cycle: Friday 6th of May - Sunday 3rd July 

Elephant Cycle: Friday 8th July - Sunday 4th September

Leopard Cycle: Friday 9th September - Sunday 6th of November

Rhino Cycle: Friday 11th November - Sunday 18th December 

Image by Dimitry B
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Image by Prashant Saini
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Life at the Trust:

Whilst volunteering with us you will be staying in one of the three volunteer rooms at the trust, these rooms have three or four beds to a room (bunk & single bed). Each room has electricity, and WIFI is available on every floor. Your Hub staff will provide you with bedding, However, you are advised to bring your own bedsheets and pillowcases.

There are four washrooms at the school, two located on the ground floor, with traditional Indonesian Mandi (bucket shower) and Long Drop (squat toilets). And two on the first floor, with European style shower and toilets. There is no hot water, however, you will learn to love a cold shower! The kitchen is equipped with two hobs, an oven, a fridge and freezer plus a blender. We are lucky to have running water at the school; the water is pumped up from a well in the back garden.

Our building is fitted with WIFI. We do have a volunteer laptop, but this is for lesson planning & preparation, therefore you may wish to bring your own. There is a printer and many teaching resources as well as a television with an HDMI to connect your laptop. Additionally, we have two bright afternoon classrooms, a playgroup and kindergarten classroom, a library, a handicrafts rooms, a staff office and a large and colourful roof space with hammock to relax in the warm tropical evenings.

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First Aid Training:

During your volunteer Induction you will receive First Aid refresher training as part of standard volunteer training. 


Chalkboard with Different Languages

Language Skills

We have Volunteers from all over the world volunteering with us, and that's why we require a good level of spoken English Comprehension.

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Type - Volunteering                                                 Duration - 8 Weeks                              Fundraising target - £1500

Got a Question? 

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