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Want to make a real difference, whilst exploring one of the worlds last true wildernesses? Choose from a wide range of opportunities, from volunteer placements to specialist Internships in the magnificent Leuser Ecosystem in North Sumatra, Indonesia! 



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Help youth entrepreneurs escape financial poverty by teaching business start-up skills on our Youth-Led Sustainable Enterprise Program.

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Re-opening in January 2022!

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 8 weeks           Volunteer

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Expand your students horizons by teaching English in up to 10 rural communities across North Sumatra.

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 8 weeks           Volunteer

Re-opening in January 2022!

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Planting Plants


Food is in our family, it is in our culture, it connects us to nature. But do we know where our food is grown, how it is grown and by whom? The answer is Eco-Farming. 

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Re-opening in January 2022!

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 8 weeks           Volunteer

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Jungle Mountain View

Youth Ranger:

Volunteer Instructor

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Work alongside Jungle Rangers and guides to help train the next generation of Jungle Rangers in our Youth Ranger Program in and around the Sumatran Tropical Rainforest. 

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Re-opening in January 2022!

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 8 weeks           Volunteer

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Elephant Sanctuary

We've teamed up with the amazing people over at Tankahan Elephant Sanctuary to help protect and preserve these magnificent and severely endangered animals. 

The Tankahan Elephant Sanctuary work tirelessly to protect the severely endangered Sumatran Elephant. A species that is predicted to go extinct within the decade. 

As part of our volunteer placements our volunteers have the incredible opportunity to meet these majestic giants, to walk with them, and bath them in the sanctuary. Just one more amazing opportunity built in to our volunteer placements. 

Walking with Elephants

Extra Activities!

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Jungle Exploration!

The Bukit Lawang Trust is dedicated to supporting local enterprises in and around the community of Bukit Lawang in North Sumatra. In particular we support those enterprises that are both environmentally and economically sustainable. That's why we've teamed up with five eco tourism providers in the local area to provide every single one of our volunteers with a two day expedition into the Tropical Leuser Ecosystem. 

Explore the Gunung Leuser National park. The last place on Earth one can find Orangutans, Tigers, Elephants, Clouded Leopards, Rhinoceros, and Sun Bears living together in the wild. 

Jungle Trekking

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Experience Culture!

Over the past 17 years the Bukit Lawang Trust has developed partnerships with many local entrepreneurs in an effort to support sustainable micro enterprises. As part these partnership we now offer several amazing traditional workshops to give our volunteers experiences in local Indonesian culture. 

Bamboo Weaving Workshop: Our volunteers join the talented Ibu Sukma to learn the traditional art of bamboo weaving. In this workshop you will learn how to create your own bowl out of sustainably sourced bamboo! 

Organic Soap Making Workshop: Our volunteers travel to the nearby village of Tibang Jaya to meet Kakak Aini, who delivers an organic soap making workshop. All of the ingredients are found in the ground, and participants make their own organic soap from garden to Soap. 

Tree Planting Days: One of the many ways the Bukit Lawang Trust works to offset its carbon emissions, every volunteer on one of the Trusts programs has the opportunity to travel deep into the jungle to plant new fruit trees, thus increasing the food supply and diversity available for local mega fauna species and drawing away endangered species from Human populations. 

Traditional Workshops!


As well as all of our amazing volunteer opportunities, the Bukit Lawang Trust also provides these exciting supporting projects that are available for volunteers from any program to participate! 


Obrolan Wanita

'Obrolon Wanita’ roughly translates as ‘Women’s Talk’. The idea of this group is to create a safe space for women to address topics which in Indonesian society are often considered taboo. This project stems from our involvement with the NGO Days for Girls, which promotes the empowerment of marginalised and impoverished women all over the world through the facilitation of training and education. Days for Girls provide free reusable sanitary kits for women living in poverty, they currently deliver these to the Trust every few months for us to hand out to the neediest in our community. In order to be culturally sensitive, this programme is largely delivered by female volunteers, as its important to create a comfortable environment for the women involved, however, male volunteers who are passionate and keen to help often support in the planning and organisation of sessions and events. 

Obrolan Wanita


Fitness Classes

Here at the Bukit Lawang Trust, we believe that a healthy body directly facilitates a healthy mind. 
That's why we provide a wide range of Volunteer and Staff led fitness classes every week available to all our volunteers, staff and the wider community!
Our current fitness classes include;
- Aerobics (x2 a week)
- KickBoxing (x1 a week)
- Yoga (x1 a week)
- Running Club (x1 a week) 
Our fitness classes are constantly changing and we actively encourage our volunteers to take part and even lead our classes if they have the know how. 

Fitness Classes


Jungle Food Project

Jungle Food Project

With the outbreak of the global Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic in early 2020 the community of Bukit Lawang, which until now relies almost entirely on tourism for the success of its economy and the livelihoods of its people, suffered a serious blow. With the widespread closure of borders and the request for all foreign nationals to leave Indonesia (including half of our staff team!), people in Bukit Lawang very quickly began to struggle finding enough money to feed themselves and their families. 
In response to this crises the Trust team quickly created a fundraising campaign known as #feedthefifty. The aim of the campaign was to raise enough money to provide food for fifty families for an entire month. It was an outstanding success! and the Team successfully fed over 300 families throughout the COVID-19 lockdown. 
As things began to settle down an domestic tourism was allowed to return to the community the fundraiser was developed into a project which we still run to this day. Every month we deliver food parcels to those most in need in and around Bukit Lawang, and our volunteers run the show! 

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As we approach our 20 year anniversary the Trust is in an unprecedented time of change and growth, and there has never been a better time to join the family! 

With a range of roles available for international and local candidates alike you'd be mad not to check it out! 

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Established by the United Nations in 2015, as a universal call to action, for all nations, developed and developing to work together in a single partnership, to tackle the greatest issues of our time. 

That is why, the Bukit Lawang Trust, has aligned itself with the United Nations, and tailored all of its programs to work towards one or more of the 17 sustainable development goals! 

To find out more, click the image above! 

Flexible Bookings! 

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With up to 5 different 'volunteer cycles' a year and placements and internships ranging from 8 - 26 weeks, you are sure to find the placement that's right for you! 

Once you pay your deposit your place is safe. really safe. That means that if a placement has to be cancelled by us for any reason, you will be automatically moved onto the next one. And if that doesn't fit your schedule you can reschedule to any other placement completely free of charge! So sit back and relax, we've got you covered!



17 Years in the making:

Since 2003 the Bukit Lawang Trust has been supporting the bordering communities along the edge of the Severely Endangered Leuser Ecosystem. Our programs have been developed over years and in partnership with a wide range of NGOs and education providers to ensure that the education you deliver on your placement is second to none! 

Partnerships & Collaboration:

we work with a community of project partners to deliver high standard conservation and education programs, see all of our partners at the bottom of the home page.


with five 'Volunteer Cycles' every year our bookings are completely flexible with free cancellation and rescheduling up to 30 days before your flight! to give you extra peace of mind. 

Outstanding Reviews: 

Our volunteer reviews speak for themselves! find out what our volunteers thought in the reviews section at the bottom of the page! 

Alumni Network: 

Our brand new alumni network and fully supported action at home projects ensure that your adventure doesn't end at the end of your placement. To find out more, follow the link below!

Remote Opportunities: 

Because we understand that not everyone has the time or the money to travel to Indonesia we offer unique digital roles for our conservation warriors on the home front!

Grassroots Family: 

We pride ourselves in being a grassroots family, and that's why all of our international staff are dedicated unpaid volunteers, to allow us to invest the vast majority of donations directly to the people who need it most! 


But don't just take our word for it... see what our volunteers have to say!

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