Volunteer With us! 

Now that you've read all about us and the work that we do, the next step is to decide if you want to come and join our incredible team! To do this all you need to do is use the 'APPLY' form at the bottom of this page. Tell us your name, the programme you are most interested in working on and a little bit about your experience and motivations, and don't forget to include your email so we can get back to you! 

We are now recruiting our new team of dedicated volunteers for our 2020 volunteer cycles. You can apply for any cycle throughout the year. We want to work together with you to find the right placement for both you and the Trust. We are closed during Ramadan, however we sometimes have volunteers in for refurbishment work, so look out for our 'Ramadan Refurbers' adverts if you interested in volunteering during Ramadan. The dates of the placements are fixed. This is due to visa restrictions. However, if you wish to continue travelling after your placement with us, that's absolutely fine, just be aware that you will have to leave Indonesia when your social visa expires.


There are five placements available in 2020;

Orangutan Cycle: 

21st February 2020 - 20th April 2020

(closed for Ramadan between 23rd April 2020 & 23rd May 2020) 

Tiger Cycle: 

29th May 2020 - 27th July 2020. 

Elephant Cycle: 

25th July 2020 - 24th September 2020

Rhino Cycle: 

20th September 2020 - 18th November 2020

Leopard Cycle: 

16th November 2020 - 14th January 2021