Our Programmes:


In 2015 a universal call to action by the United Nations to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030 was adopted by all member states. This consisted of a commitment to achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals. As a conservation charity we are dedicated to working towards these sustainable development goals here in Sumatra as we believe that action needs to be taken by everyone for everyone. As such all of our programmes work towards one or more of these vital goals.

Education Programme: 



Programme Manager: Rosie Plummer

  • Kindergarten Classes: Part of the Education programme is the facilitation and delivery of two kindergarten classes, our ‘Big stars’ and our ‘Little stars’. These classes are delivered in keeping with the national curriculum of Indonesia and run by three permanent staff teachers here at the school (Rasimah, Ida & Butet). For two days a week (Thursdays & Fridays) volunteers on the Education programme will deliver these sessions to the students. 

  • Afternoon English Classes: In the afternoons the Trust delivers English language tuition to over 100 students from seven different local communities. These classes are planned and delivered by volunteers on the education programme under the supervision of the Head of Education. 

Youth Ranger Programme: 


Programme Manager: Sam Oakes

- Youth Ranger Programme: The aim of the programme is to get a taste of the Ranger Patrol Responsibilities and have a better understanding of the importance of saving animals and the environment. This programme provides the opportunity to learn about the importance of Rangers and develop employability skills and a sense of ownership, belonging and the eagerness to help and support their local environment. Participants will learn and experience a day in the life of a ranger and work alongside rangers and other conservation groups to help protect the Leuser Ecosystem. The programme is still in its infancy and is constantly developing and improving!

Ecological Farming Programme: 


Programme Manager: Sam Oakes / Ibuh Erna. 

- Erna’s Eco Farm: This programme is facilitated by our project partner Erna and is ran from her homestay and farm in the village of Bukit Lawang. Up to four volunteers at any time will be working on the farm. The aim of the programme is to promote sustainable agriculture as an alternative enterprise to Palm Oil plantation work. Additionally, Erna is looking to establish her own green class where she can teach people about organic and sustainable farming. Volunteers on this program will assist with the day to day running of the farm, get involved in a whole range of activities on the farm as well as assisting with the farm’s online presence.  

Youth-Led Sustainable Enterprise Programme: 







Programme Manager: Sam Oakes

- YSE Programme: The Youth-Led sustainable Enterprise programme looks to encourage, promote and directly facilitate the development of sustainable enterprises as an alternative occupation for young people in Bukit Lawang who would otherwise often work in palm oil plantations or leave the community. The programme is facilitated by conservation volunteers at the trust who take ‘entrepreneurs’ through establishing a sustainable business from Idea Generation all the way to opening the store! At the end of the programme entrepreneurs will pitch their business idea to a panel of judges who will pick the best ones based upon a range of criteria from long term sustainability to financial viability and many more. The best of these will then be funded by sponsors and donors to get the materials they need to start their business.

Days For Girls






Project Managers: Rosie Plummer and Tri Tamira

- Days for girls Project: Days for girls is a Not for profit organisation which promotes the empowerment of marginalised and impoverished women all over the world through the facilitation of training and education. In addition, days for girls have developed and provide free reusable sanitary kits for all participants. At the Trust we run the Days for Girls project along side the Education Programme. This project includes weekly awareness raising and educational sessions ran by our dedicated volunteer team on key topics such as the Menstrual Cycle, Feminine Hygiene, Basic anatomy and Sexual Health, FGM and much much more! In these sessions’ women will be given days for girls menstrual kits and be guided on their use and the importance of reusing them. At the end of the sessions, we encourage anonymous questions and play true or false games to dispel many myths about menstruation as well as answering our anonymous questions to start the conversation about taboo topics. This programme is very close to our hearts here at the Trust, as not only does it drastically improve the lives, choices and health of local women, but it also offers more sustainable sanitary resources than the pads or cloths generally used. In order to be culturally sensitive, this programme will be largely delivered by female volunteers as its important to create a comfortable environment, however male volunteers who are passionate and keen to help often support in the planning and organisation of sessions and events.

* Days for Girls is not in itself a Programme, rather it is a project which is carried out by our Conservation and Education volunteers *