Reviews by Past Volunteers

Emma Johann

Age 18 - Germany - Volunteer - October 2019 - January 2019.

I’ve been a volunteer at the trust for the last three months and I can honestly say it was the best time of my life! 

To be fair I’m only eighteen, therefore still young and got called „the baby“ many times here at the Trust! But thats what shows how loving and caring everyone here is. The team is amazing and I felt soon as a part of our own little Trust family. While Sam and Rosie are doing an absolute amazing job managing this school and improving it day to day, Fitri and Tri couldn’t have welcomed me  better into their teachers squad! Staying at the Trust means you actually get to do things, which is not so common for volunteers in the teaching field. That’s what I’m really grateful for .... Going into kindergarten "to learn and play“ as a our morning sing song describes it and teaching English to the villages in the afternoon classes is so much fun! It showed me how much work and thoughts it needs to create a fun and purposeful lesson, but actually teaching your own lesson and seeing how the kids react to it, is  definitely  something I’ll never get bored of ! I’ve learned so much about teaching and working with children and am so grateful for everyone who made me feel so needed and loved here!

Terimah kasih banyak - Aku menyukaimu!!!