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The Bukit Lawang Trust depends completely on donations. We have no other source of income and we are always in need of your support in order to continue the vital conservation and education initiatives our team are delivering in rural North Sumatra. Anything you can spare is greatly appreciated and goes directly to the team in Sumatra and the many beneficiaries of our programmes. 

There are no admin fees, no bureaucracy, no high wages for international staff (all of our international staff are unpaid volunteers, including the managers!) 

So please, DONATE NOW anything you can, and help us protect our world, its the only one we've got! 

Sponsor  A Village

The Bukit Lawang Trust currently pays the transport costs for our students to attend English Classes at our Centre. We are currently looking for generous donors to sponsor some of our classes. In return for your kind monthly contribution towards transport costs, you will receive monthly updates on what the village has learnt, alongside photos of the class (providing parental consent is given). Your name will also be added to our website alongside your chosen village. Sponsor commitment is 1 year, from January 2020 to December 2020. For more information feel free to email us at

The following villages are available to sponsor in 2020. The listed cost is transport to and from school per month for the entire village. The number of students is an estimate, as attendance sometimes varies. Any change of price will be discussed with our donors in advance.  All prices are listed in GBP.

Village               Average Number of Students             Monthly Cost

Bukit Lawang                                         15                       Kindly sponsored by:                                                                                                     Sandra Wehling
                                                                                               Annette Ribitzki
                                                                                              Katharina Barwitzki
                                                                                              Fatih Aras
                                                                                             Diana Mikus-Henkel
                                                                                              Sarah Gomez

Bohorok                                                   15                                                          £22

Kendit                                                      40                                                         £37

Landbau                                                 10               Kindly sponsored by:                                                                                                           Sandra Wehling                                                                                                                  Annette Ribitzki                                                                                                                   Katharina Barwitzki                                                                                                           Fatih Aras                                                                                                                             Diana Mikus-Henkel                                                                                                           Sarah Gomez

PPLH                                                       20                                                         £22

Teenage/ Advanced Class                  20                                                Email us!

To sponsor a village, simply set up a monthly donation via our Paypal and put the name of your chosen village as the payment reference. The website will be updated with the sponsors name (with their permission). You will receive an email from us confirming your sponsorship within 3 working days of your first donation. For more information, or to arrange a bank transfer, please email us at

Sponsor A Student

Here at the Trust, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to continue their education. As a result of this, we have in the past sponsored several students to attend University and at the moment sponsor two University students, Nurul and Tri, as well as one Secondary school student, Lusinda.

Nurul attended the Trust as a student and then later worked here. She is now studying English in Medan, thanks to our very generous donors.

Lusinda currently attends high school thanks to our sponsorship and recently received a new laptop to do her homework on. In the future she hopes to go to University!

We have just begun sponsoring our own teacher Tri Tamira to complete her degree in Primary Education, for which she is very grateful!

If you would be interested in sponsoring an individual's education here in Sumatra, please do contact us, as we know many deserving candidates!