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The Bukit Lawang Trust depends completely on donations. We have no other source of income and we are always in need of your support in order to continue the vital Conservation and Education initiatives our team are delivering in rural North Sumatra. Anything you can spare is greatly appreciated and goes directly to the team in Sumatra and the many beneficiaries of our programmes. 

Sponsor a Village

To ensure that no child is denied an education due to poverty, the Bukit Lawang Trust pays our students transport costs. We are looking for sponsors to cover these costs. In return for your kind monthly contribution, you will receive updates on what the village has learnt, alongside photos of the class (providing parental consent is given). For more information feel free to email us at

The following villages are available to sponsor for the remainder of 2020. The listed cost is transport to and from school per month for the entire village. The number of students is an estimate, as attendance sometimes varies

To sponsor a village, simply set up a monthly donation via our Paypal and put the name of your chosen village as the payment reference. You will receive an email from us confirming your sponsorship within 3 working days of your first donation. For more information, or to arrange a bank transfer, please email us.

Sponsor a Business

We are currently seeking individuals or businesses interested in sponsoring our exciting new Youth-Led Sustainable Enterprise programme, which looks to raise people out of poverty by establishing new micro sustainable enterprises and improving existing small-scale businesses. 

At the end of the program each entrepreneur will pitch their business proposal to a panel of judges who will vote upon the best 5 businesses based on factors such as sustainable practice, financial viability, long term planning and unique selling points. We are hoping that with your support we will be able to financially support these five entrepreneurs to establish their very own Sustainable Enterprise here in rural Sumatra. Please email us for more information.​​


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