Other ways to help! 

Check out some more ways you can help!

The Bukit Lawang Trust is a small scale grass roots charity, which means we can invest almost every penny you donate directly into the fantastic work that we do. It also means that we rely entirely on the kindness of strangers to keep providing free education for hundreds of students from seven different communities, it allows us to keep feeding our staff and their families and it ensures that those in need around the community never go hungry with our Jungle Food Project. Without you, nothing we do would be possible. 

That's why we would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the kindness and generosity our sponsors and followers have shown us over the years. Sadly our work is never done and so we need your support to keep us running. take a look at some of the different ways you can make a real positive and lasting difference to the world we live in, by supporting us today. 

BLT Transport

Sponsor the transport for an entire village:

Do something truly phenomenal!

One of our goals is to eradicate financial poverty by 2050. Our education programs directly work towards this goal, and to ensure that everyone has equal access to that education, regardless of financial capacity. We proudly provide transport for all of our students to and from our Hub in Bukit Lawang. Allowing us to provide free education to nearly 300 students from 7 different rural communities along the border of the Tropical Leuser Ecosystem. 

You can help us by sponsoring the cost of transport for the students from one or more of these communities by signing up as one of our 'Transport Sponsors'. For a small monthly contribution you can personally ensure that up to 60 students receive an education. 

As well as that, you will receive email updates on how your class is doing in their lessons, messages from the staff and students and pictures of the students hard at work, enjoying the education that you have directly facilitated!

To become a Bukit Lawang Trust 'Transport Sponsor' email us at info@bukitlawangtrust.org with details of the village you would like to sponsor. 

Sponsor a business start-up:

As part of the BRAND NEW Youth-Led Sustainable Enterprise program, we offer small, medium and large scale business start-up grants to our most successful and innovative entrepreneurs.  

Were now offering you the chance to directly sponsor young aspiring entrepreneurs to establish brand new sustainable enterprises, and in doing so help them and their family raise themselves up out of poverty. 

Here is what you can do! 

Donations of £100+ could sponsor the establishment of 1 small scale sustainable enterprise in North Sumatra.

Donations of £200+ could sponsor a small scale cooperative helping multiple entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and earn a living for them and their families. 

Donations of £300+ could sponsor multiple small scale enterprises and directly facilitate the establishment of new businesses within the community. 

Donations of £500+ could sponsor all of our grant recipients for an entire program, effectively diversifying the livelihoods of a small community and raising many families up out of poverty. 

For donations of £1000 or more please email us at info@bukitlawangtrust.org


Change somebody's life today!

Don't forget! 

Put 'YSE' as your payment reference so we know what your sponsoring!


Be the change you want to see.

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It may seem small, but sharing our Instagram, our Facebook our website or even just talking about us with your friends is a BIG DEAL! 

Every person you share us with is a potential volunteer, sponsor, climate activist and active global citizen of the future! 

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Sponsor a student! 

Here at the Trust we are committed to long term sustainable development. That's why we work hard to support our students by finding sponsorship to fund their way through education. So far we have sponsored 4 students through their education and we are only just getting started! In fact from 2021 our goal is to find sponsors for 1 student every year! Just one of the many ways we work towards facilitating equal access to education for all! 

Sponsor a Teacher!

We're now offering you the opportunity to do something really special, by sponsoring one of our local teachers you would be directly supporting one of our amazing team by contributing to their salary. In doing so you are ensuring they continue to have the money they need to provide for their families.