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Over the last 17 years, the Bukit Lawang Trust has made it its mission to ensure that financial poverty and other socio-economic factors are not a barrier to access to education. In fact it is our belief that everyone everywhere deserves equal and equitable access to education. That's why, for many years now. We have been seeking out Generous supporters, sponsors and good Samaritans to sponsor the tuition fees for our students to help them gain the very best opportunities they can, through access to good quality education. 

We are proud to announce that from 2021 the Bukit Lawang Trust will be launching its Scholarship scheme, to provide full funding for 1 new student from any community or education centre in North Sumatra to achieve the next level in education regardless of what level that may be, every single year! so if you want to sponsor our next student scholar, or you want to support one of our students below please do get in touch with us! 

Additionally, if you know of someone who really deserves this scholarship, living and studying in North Sumatra please let us know, we want to know about them! 

Bukit Lawang Trust Scholarship

Giving the gift of education can change a life forever! 

Want to make a real difference to someone's life? consider sponsoring one of our students below, or sign up to sponsor our next student scholarship at the end of 2021! 

Current 'Trust Scholarship' recipients


Nurul Utami

Nurul is studying a Bachelors degree in Teaching English as a foreign Language at the University of Stkip Budidaya Binjai in North Sumatra. 

When Nurul graduates she wants to build her own education centre for children who don't have access to education.

In her spare time Nurul volunteers for a local disability charity called project Harapan and frequently takes time away to provide free education to children in remote communities across North Sumatra. Nurul is planning on returning to the Trust after she graduates to support our education centre in Bukit Lawang. 


Siti Nur

Siti Nur is studying Primary Education at the University of Terbuka in Medan. 

She currently works part time at the Bukit Lawang Trust as our newest Kindergarten Teacher, providing education to our Big stars class. Inur also has a part time job in the village alongside her studies.

Her goal is to become a Primary Teacher after she graduates, and to earn enough money to support her parents and her family. Her dream is to visit the holy city of Mecca with her family. 


Lusinda Wau

Lusinda is currently studying at High school on the remote island of Nias west of Sumatra. The Trust supports her studies and during the COVID-19 pandemic sponsored her place on a Computer skills course. 

In her spare time, Lusinda is a passionate Surfer! 

When she is older Lusinda wants to earn a place at a college and use her education to facilitate a good job in the future.


Tri Tamira

Tri is currently studying a Bachelors degree in Education. She has been part of the Trust family for years now and works part time as as teacher with us at the Trust and in a government school in the local town of Bohorok.  

Tri also volunteers her time to support the Trusts Jungle Food Program and alongside her colleagues at the Trust delivers vital food parcels to people in need all around the local community of Bukit Lawang. 

Tri wants to study a Masters degree when she graduates in order to hone her skills as a professional educator. 

All of our students pay monthly fees towards their education be that University, College or High School. We are looking for generous sponsors to donate on a monthly basis to the trust, to help us fund their education. 

To find out more about supporting one of our current 'student scholars' or to enquire about supporting this years recipient email us at the email address below. 



From all of us here at the Bukit Lawang Trust Terima Kasih, Thank you!