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    • Volunteering at the Trust

      After validating my baccalaureate, I decided to take a gap year in order to discover new cultures and experiences. My wish was to use my time profitably, and help NGO’s who had the same conviction as me, that education is the only tool to help future generations be responsible and conscious. After some research and procedures, I arrived on the island of Sumatra nearly 1 month ago, more precisely in the village of Bukit Lawang. What immediately struck me was the kindness of the inhabitants who welcome volunteers with open arms. People are so sweet and full of kindness. The first value is respect, and that is what unites everyone. Things seems so simple and people take their time, as it should be everywhere. In the Bukit Lawang Trust, my role is to teach Conservation lessons to children of all ages and Sustainable business lessons for adults. Students are always motivated and willing to learn more about what pushes you to give the best of yourself during this adventure. They love to play games; they are always respectful and joyful. Here, access to education is an opportunity and we should think the same in the western world. You feel like you’re out of time. During your free time, you can go and have an amazing swim in the river at 5 minutes’ walk of the school (much appreciated after a hot day!)  but also wander around in the village of Bukit Lawang. On Fridays, there is an amazing food and clothes market which is so nice to visit! You can also do some jungle trekking; it is simply an amazing experience. Twice a week you can participate in aerobics/yoga sessions. Every Saturday people go out and meet up in one of the bars of the town. These evenings are usually very fun and allow people to meet and talk to each other around an amazing jam! I was pleasantly surprised to see so many other volunteers from all over the world based in other NGO’s in the region, it allows everyone talk about their own experience. One point which seems essential to me to talk about, is the landscapes. They truly remind you of the beauty of nature: the importance of conservation and protecting this Fauna and Flora. It is becoming urgent to protect these species, which must now fight to survive. Surrounded by this vegetation, you feel like you’re out of time. I strongly recommend without hesitation to volunteer at the Bukit Lawang Trust. This experience is incredible at all levels, especially humanly and culturally. You will experience much more than just a volunteer experience, you will live a life experience that will make you more aware about so many subjects, and the person you are. It will probably give you the desire to stay much longer than expected, or at least to come back very soon! Venitia Conservation Volunteer from Mauritius

    • Living Somewhere New

      My name is Kamilla and two weeks ago I started my placement at the Bukit Lawang Trust. Back home in Berlin, I study social work and that is what brought me here, to this beautiful place. I am also a passionate traveller and always excited to have new experiences. There is however, a big difference between travelling to another country and working and living there. So, before I started my internship, I had many questions about what awaited me. Maybe I can give you a little jump start on your time. Starting a volunteer placement in a different country, it is most likely that you will come across a different lifestyle and culture. This is something you don’t need to worry about, you should see it as a chance to grow and gain knowledge. Speaking from experience – you will adapt to this really quickly. Locals here understand that volunteers and tourists come from a very different culture to their own. Anyway, the first priority for you should always be to respect the other culture - after all you are a guest in their country. To be prepared for what is lying ahead of you, you can do some research about cultures in the area you are planning to go to. One thing is for sure - Indonesians love spicy food. So if you can´t handle spice, you might be really happy to know these words “Tidak pedas” (not spicy) when you go somewhere for food. Another thing you probably have to adapt to as a European, is Indo-time – so just leave your thinking that everything has to happen on time behind and take it chilled. When you are in a place where everybody is greeting each other and being so friendly and helpful, you might find yourself feeling more connected to this new way of living together than you expected. Kamilla Conservation Volunteer from Germany

    • Life in a charity: An insiders perspective.

      I have been at the Trust for two weeks now as Media, Recruitment and Marketing Volunteer, a brand new role which is being trialled out for the first time to give support to teh busy team of Managers here at the Trust. Time has been flying by and I have been involved in an array of great activities since my arrival. My main responsibilities included recruiting and advertising opportunities for our new team of 2020 volunteers, reaching out and sharing our volunteer openings on a variety of international platforms, websites, as well as using social media to maximise our online presence. I have also been writing this blog! As well as keeping social media up-to-date and working on finding new sponsorship opportunitities and partnership in view of the new Youth-Led sustainable enterprise program launching next week. I was lucky to be here for the first meeting of this exciting new project, whose aim is to encourage and facilitate the development of sustainable enterprises as an alternative occupation for young people in Bukit Lawang and surrounding neighbourhoods. During this initial meeting the group went through the key stages of the program, to introduce the participants to the business management skills that will be covered during the course, from idea generation to market research and the key sections of the Green Business Model Canvas, such as value proposition, customer relationships and target demographics, Income and expenditure analysis, as well as finding alternative sources of income and sponsorship for local businesses. I also love attending some of the kids English classes run by the school for several communities in and around Bukit Lawang, which gave me a chance to learn more about the Education program run by the BLT. Taking part in the litter picking activities with the 'little stars' kindergarten class has been on of my highlights! It was lovely to spend some time with the kids and seeing their smile every time they found something to collect and throw in the bin, a wonderful example for the next generation to grow up with. Another highlight was taking part in classes with the Youth Ranger program and school outings around Gotong Royong to get hands on experience on orienteering, wilderness training and introducing the kids to key conservation issues. There is now a buzz in the air for the arrival of the new volunteer team for the Orangutan Cycle, joining this Friday 21st February! Getting the school ready for their arrival was part of this week's tasks and it will be lovely to welcome the new volunteers to start this new phase for the Trust with lots of new activities to look forward to. Getting to know the teachers and staff at the Trust was a truly wonderful experience and a great insight on the daily life here and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to keep this place going strong. I would like to thank our managers, Sam & Rosie, for finding the time to organise extra activities, such as our weekly Bahasa lessons and fitness classes, as well as Fitri for her wonderful food and infectious energy! Thank you everybody for being such a warm and welcoming team and for making my time in Bukit Lawang so meaningful and fun! Written by Camilla Massara Media Recruitment & Marketing Volunteer Bukit Lawang Trust.

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      BUKIT LAWANG TRUST Sedikit Sedikit Menjadi Bukit COVID-19 Health & Safety See updates on the global COVID-19 pandemic and how its impacting our operations. ​ See what we're doing to keep you safe on your placement. Tell me more.. What makes the Trust Special United Nations SDGs: Since 2019 we've committed to working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in all of our programs. Making sure that our work is wanted, needed and sustainable. Ecological Farming: We've teamed up with the wonderful people at Erna's Eco-farm to promote environmentally friendly farming practices to help protect the severely endangered Leuser Ecosystem in North Sumatra. Offsetting Carbon Emissions: From 2021 we are committing to planting one tree for every single volunteer that joins us, as well as offsetting our volunteers flights by supporting a local tree nursery. Conservation Education: Environmental Conservation is at the heart of everything we do, that's why every single program we deliver, regardless of subject or topic, includes education about protecting the natural environment and reducing our impact on climate change. Hit the button below to see more of the vital conservation work our dedicated team are working on right now in Sumatra! Lets Go! Make an Impact - Your way With our wide range of Education, Conservation & Sustainable Development programs available. You can find a program that suits you. Reopening March 2021! ESL Teacher: Expand your students horizons by providing English Language education to students across North Sumatra! Reopening March 2021! Youth Livelihoods Facilitator: Help young aspiring entrepreneurs escape financial poverty in our BRAND NEW business start up programme! Reopening March 2021! Youth Ranger - Volunteer Instructor: Experience the jungle like never before as a Volunteer Instructor on our Youth Ranger Programme. Inspire and educate the next generation of rangers! View more programs Find out how you can help.. Environmental Conservation is at the very heart of everything we do at the trust. That's why all of our programs work directly towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Tell me more.. Experience Paradise Our Hub is situated on the very edge of the severely endangered Leuser Ecosystem. A Jungle Paradise, and the last place on Earth where you will find Elephants, Tigers, Rhinos, Orangutans & Bears living together in the wild! Get Involved Find a Program Check out our range of education, conservation & sustainable development programs and let us help you to find your next adventure! Programmes Programs Partner With Us.. We are always eager to work together with other organisations, NGOs and Societies. Email us to see how we can work together! ​ Partner With Us Support Us Click the donate link at the bottom of the page or check out other ways you can help by clicking the button below! Support Us Support Us Check out our latest blogs! Our blogs are written by volunteers, for volunteers. Giving you a real snapshot of life with the Bukit Lawang Trust. Volunteering at the Trust 75 Write a comment 1 Living Somewhere New 96 Write a comment 1 Life in a charity: An insiders perspective. 33 Write a comment COVID-19 Safety SAFE SMART SUSTAINABLE ALWAYS. COVID-19 HEALT & SAFETY Click this logo anywhere on our site to get up to date information on our COVID-19 Safety measures. Our Partners

    • Sponsor a Student | Bukit Lawang Trust

      Sponsor a Student! Equal Education Everywhere Everyone Bukit Lawang 'Trust Scholarship' scheme Over the last 17 years, the Bukit Lawang Trust has made it its mission to ensure that financial poverty and other socio-economic factors are not a barrier to access to education. In fact it is our belief that deserves equal and equitable access to education. That's why, for many years now. We have been seeking out Generous supporters, sponsors and good Samaritans to sponsor the tuition fees for our students to help them gain the very best opportunities they can, through access to good quality education. everyone everywhere ​ ​ We are proud to announce that from 2021 the Bukit Lawang Trust will be launching its Scholarship scheme, to provide full funding for 1 new student from any community or education centre in North Sumatra to achieve the next level in education regardless of what level that may be, every single year! so if you want to sponsor our next student scholar, or you want to support one of our students below please do get in touch with us! ​ Additionally, if you know of someone who really deserves this scholarship, living and studying in North Sumatra please let us know, we want to know about them! Bukit Lawang Trust Scholarship Giving the gift of education can change a life forever! Want to make a real difference to someone's life? consider sponsoring one of our students below, or sign up to sponsor our next student scholarship at the end of 2021! Current 'Trust Scholarship' recipients Nurul Utami Nurul is studying a Bachelors degree in Teaching English as a foreign Language at the University of Stkip Budidaya Binjai in North Sumatra. ​ When Nurul graduates she wants to build her own education centre for children who don't have access to education. ​ In her spare time Nurul volunteers for a local disability charity called project Harapan and frequently takes time away to provide free education to children in remote communities across North Sumatra. Nurul is planning on returning to the Trust after she graduates to support our education centre in Bukit Lawang. Siti Nur Siti Nur is studying Primary Education at the University of Terbuka in Medan. ​ She currently works part time at the Bukit Lawang Trust as our newest Kindergarten Teacher, providing education to our Big stars class. Inur also has a part time job in the village alongside her studies. ​ Her goal is to become a Primary Teacher after she graduates, and to earn enough money to support her parents and her family. Her dream is to visit the holy city of Mecca with her family. Lusinda Wau Lusinda is currently studying at High school on the remote island of Nias west of Sumatra. The Trust supports her studies and during the COVID-19 pandemic sponsored her place on a Computer skills course. ​ In her spare time, Lusinda is a passionate Surfer! ​ When she is older Lusinda wants to earn a place at a college and use her education to facilitate a good job in the future. Tri Tamira Tri is currently studying a Bachelors degree in Education. She has been part of the Trust family for years now and works part time as as teacher with us at the Trust and in a government school in the local town of Bohorok. ​ Tri also volunteers her time to support the Trusts Jungle Food Program and alongside her colleagues at the Trust delivers vital food parcels to people in need all around the local community of Bukit Lawang. ​ Tri wants to study a Masters degree when she graduates in order to hone her skills as a professional educator. All of our students pay monthly fees towards their education be that University, College or High School. We are looking for generous sponsors to donate on a monthly basis to the trust, to help us fund their education. ​ To find out more about supporting one of our current 'student scholars' or to enquire about supporting this years recipient email us at the email address below. ​ From all of us here at the Bukit Lawang Trust Terima Kasih, Thank you!

    • ESL Apply | Bukit Lawang Trust

      English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher This is it! Your just a few easy steps away from the adventure of a lifetime!! 1. First, choose which placement works best for you. Hover over the placement image to see the dates. Orangutan Cycle: ​ 15th January 2021 - 15th March 2021 Standard (60 days) - £800 ​ ​ Orangutan Cycle CANCELLED Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Rhino Cycle: ​ 9th July 2021 - 6th September 2021 Standard (60 days) - £800 ​ ​ Rhino Cycle Tiger Cycle: ​ 12 March 2021 - 12 April 2021 Short (30 days) - £400 Want to stay longer? why not combine this with a 30 day Eco farming placement and get two amazing placements for the price of 1!? Combined (60 days) - £800 ​ ​ ​ Tiger Cycle Leopard Cycle: ​ 3rd September 2021 - 1st November 2021 Standard (60 days) - £800 ​ ​ Leopard Cycle Elephant Cycle: ​ 14th May 2021 - 12 July 2021 Standard (60 days) - £800 ​ Includes a short Eco Farming Placement During the School Holidays ​ ​ Elephant Cycle Leopard Cycle: ​ 3rd September 2021 - 1st November 2021 Standard Placement (60 days) ​ ​ Bear Cycle Bear Cycle: ​ 29th November 2021 - 20th December 2021 Short (30 days) - £400 Want to stay longer? Why not combine this with a 30 day Eco-Farming placement and get two amazing placements for the price of 1!? Combined (60 days) - £800 ​ ​ ​ 2. Next, Fill in the Sign up form below. Sign Up Chosen Cycle Orangutan Cycle Tiger Cycle (30 day) Tiger Cycle (60 day combined) Elephant Cycle Rhino Cycle Leopard Cycle Bear Cycle (30 day) Bear Cycle (60 day combined) arrow&v Criminal Background Check I have it! I'm working on it! I dont have it. arrow&v Valid & In-date passport? Yes No arrow&v Preferred Contact Video Call - Google Meets Video Call - Zoom Video Call - Skype Video Call - Whatsapp Telephone Call - Whatsapp arrow&v Submit Thank you for applying! One of our team will be in touch soon to arrange your phone or video chat! 3. That's it! sit back, relax and start planning the adventure of a lifetime! we will be in touch soon! Back to Programs Blog F A Q Volunteer Reviews

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