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"What the Bukit Lawang Trust means to me..."

After another incredibly busy and exciting week here at the Bukit Lawang Trust I was just finishing of the last of our Youth Ranger classes for the week when a student asked me;

"Mr Sam, where is your home?"

Though a simple enough question, it completely caught me off guard, and as I stood in the hot and humid hallway, surrounded by children practicing their English (that they had learnt within these very halls) and taking selfies with the volunteers, I realised that, though my home is thousands of miles away with my family in the United Kingdom, this Trust is also my home.

No matter what 'Home' means to you, there is surely something nostalgic about the place we call home. It's the place where we eat, the place with friends and family, decorations that help remind us of special memories and it's the place we make our own. As I contemplated the concept of home, I realised that all of these things I considered to be aspects of a home applied to the Trust.

The Bukit Lawang Trust is infact far more than just a school, or a home, or a community centre, it is all of those things and more! Upon realising this, I wondered what our students thought about the Trust,

So we asked them "What does the Bukit Lawang Trust mean to you?"

Here is what they said...

"The trust is my home, I love the Trust because is is beautiful and good!"

- Meilani

"I like the Trust because it is happy!"

- Rendy

" The Trust is like my home! I love the Trust because it is beautiful and lovely"

- Melva

"I like the Bukit Lawang Trust because it really helps the community to learn English!"

- Yulauda

"The Trust is my home, I like the Trust because it is so beautiful :) "

- Duli

"In my opinion the Trust is very good and the teachers are very good and it makes me energetic and excited to study here!"

- Ibna

"In my opinion the Trust is very beautiful. The teachers are very smart and friendly"

- Ina

"I really like the school because here I can learn English correctly. Here I have friends and teachers who are fun! I really like this school, I also like the teachers who teach me here. The teachers are very kind and friendly, I hope this place can help all people know English easily. I love my friends and all my teachers!"

- Dutta

The simple question of 'Where is your home?' has prompted me to realise that we are offering more than education here at the Trust, we are providing a sense of community for young people and a place that they feel comfortable to be themselves and that is more valuable than any donation.

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