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Hi everyone,

My name is Nurul. And I am a student of English Department of teacher training and Education in Binjai, North Sumatra.

I was one of the teachers at Bukit Lawang Trust Education Center from 2016 to mid-2018

In my first year of work, I taught kindergarten and afternoon classes with children aged 6-12 years. Then finally decided to focus on the playgroup class for a whole year.

That was the best time of my life. I met many volunteers from various countries, cute children with big curiosity, and new experiences that I might not get anywhere else.

People ask me , Nurul, as a local woman , what are your goals ?

A lot of goals obviously. But one thing that I really want to achieve the most is to ensure that everyone from different backgrounds and economic level can be educated equally.

In the place where I grew up, after graduating from high school, many people decided not to continue their education to University because of their inability to pay various costs per semester. Some people born from families with decent economic conditions can finish University, the rest have to work part time while studying or not continue their studies. The worst thing (for some women) is that girls get married at a very young age, and so rely everything on their husband and thus have to bury all of their dreams.

Bukit Lawang Trust has a massive influence in helping me realise all of my goals. 

This is my second year at university. 

Since August 2018, through the sponsorship system, Bukit Lawang Trust has helped me with all payments at my University.

I can't thank them enough .

I believe, by getting the opportunity to study at University, everyone will become a reliable educator in the future.

I can't wait to go back to Bukit Lawang Trust, share all the knowledge, and inspiring stories that I have gained at University and work together with team to make more positive changes for the local community through education in the future.

Thank you Bukit Lawang Trust !

Terima kasih Bukit Lawang Trust !

Nurul Utami

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