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Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I have been at the Trust for two weeks now as Media, Recruitment and Marketing Volunteer, a brand new role which is being trialled out for the first time to give support to teh busy team of Managers here at the Trust. Time has been flying by and I have been involved in an array of great activities since my arrival.

My main responsibilities included recruiting and advertising opportunities for our new team of 2020 volunteers, reaching out and sharing our volunteer openings on a variety of international platforms, websites, as well as using social media to maximise our online presence. I have also been writing this blog! As well as keeping social media up-to-date and working on finding new sponsorship opportunitities and partnership in view of the new Youth-Led sustainable enterprise program launching next week. I was lucky to be here for the first meeting of this exciting new project, whose aim is to encourage and facilitate the development of sustainable enterprises as an alternative occupation for young people in Bukit Lawang and surrounding neighbourhoods. During this initial meeting the group went through the key stages of the program, to introduce the participants to the business management skills that will be covered during the course, from idea generation to market research and the key sections of the Green Business Model Canvas, such as value proposition, customer relationships and target demographics, Income and expenditure analysis, as well as finding alternative sources of income and sponsorship for local businesses.

I also love attending some of the kids English classes run by the school for several communities in and around Bukit Lawang, which gave me a chance to learn more about the Education program run by the BLT. Taking part in the litter picking activities with the 'little stars' kindergarten class has been on of my highlights! It was lovely to spend some time with the kids and seeing their smile every time they found something to collect and throw in the bin, a wonderful example for the next generation to grow up with.

Another highlight was taking part in classes with the Youth Ranger program and school outings around Gotong Royong to get hands on experience on orienteering, wilderness training and introducing the kids to key conservation issues.

There is now a buzz in the air for the arrival of the new volunteer team for the Orangutan Cycle, joining this Friday 21st February! Getting the school ready for their arrival was part of this week's tasks and it will be lovely to welcome the new volunteers to start this new phase for the Trust with lots of new activities to look forward to.

Getting to know the teachers and staff at the Trust was a truly wonderful experience and a great insight on the daily life here and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to keep this place going strong. I would like to thank our managers, Sam & Rosie, for finding the time to organise extra activities, such as our weekly Bahasa lessons and fitness classes, as well as Fitri for her wonderful food and infectious energy! Thank you everybody for being such a warm and welcoming team and for making my time in Bukit Lawang so meaningful and fun!

Written by Camilla Massara

Media Recruitment & Marketing Volunteer

Bukit Lawang Trust.

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