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Learning is an Adventure!

Hi everyone and welcome to the Trusts second weekly blog!

I am Emma and currently a volunteer at the beautiful Trust Education centre here in Bukit Lawang.

My second week at the Trust turned out to become very special to me.

On Saturday Sam, Rosie and I went for a little adventure and took the bike to Batu Katak, a cute and colourful village. Yep you heard that right, three Bules (that is how white people are called here) on a bike over bumpy roads was clearly an attraction for the local people and also a lot of fun for us! On our way we came along a beautiful spot where we had an incredible view over the jungle. At Batu Katak we wandered around for a bit and enjoyed a refreshing drink. We went for an adventurous hike towards jungle river and ended up at a cute little waterfall. The vibe of the untouched nature in this region is just incredible!!! After that exciting trip we drove home for a little chill and went out again for the usual Saturday night routine: drinks and food at Indah's, some live music at Ricky's and some dancing at the local jungle “club” Thomas’s. It was the first time for me, and I have to tell you it's amazing how kind, loving and energetic everyone here is!

The girls at Ricky's!

Our Sunday was a typical chill-day. Rosie and I showed Sam the traditional plastic free Indonesian market that we had been introduced to by our lovely Tri and Fitri last week. After that we enjoyed our free time here at the Trust. Our weekend came to an end with pasta à la Europe and a movie.

Monday morning started with a much more energetic kindergarten class than me, which is to be fair not a difficult thing to beat. I helped in the little stars class this week and on Monday it was time for our weekly rubbish-pick-up. It is so great to see how sensitised the kids already are in terms of plastic recycling and disposal. After kindergarten I worked on personal things till it was time for LUNCH!!! Fitri is by far the best cook I know, her food is always sooo great. On Mondays our local class from Bukit Lawang comes to the Trust for the English lesson with Tri and I. We taught them about Family including drawing a Family Tree.

Sam, the head of Conservation of the Trust, started his Youth Ranger programme this week and I educated myself by sitting in. Right after class we offer a free Aerobics class on Monday, so it was time to sweat!

I will probably remember this day for a long time!

On Tuesday morning the little stars learned to count to Twenty in Bahasa AND in English. After that I prepared everything for MY FIRST time teaching. The topic this week was food. Right after lunch I stepped into the teacher role for the first time in my life, which was and still is very exciting. The kids from Bohorok learned all about fruits and vegetables. It is so much fun to teach because the kids are so eager to learn! Especially the competition at the end about the new learned knowledge of fruits and vegetables was a total hit, thank you Rosie for the suggestion!


While the heaviest storm I ever saw clouded over Bukit Lawang, Sam did his conservation class. The kids got so scared of the lightning and thunder! But not as much as our adorable Fitri, she literally spent an hour in the corner hiding from the storm!

In the evening we went to Indah's for our weekly Jungle Quiz. Rosie and Sam prepared a quiz about conservation, plastic, history, Indonesia, general knowledge and music. The evening was a total success for my team and we really enjoyed the prize!

Wednesday morning started with the little stars kindergarten kids learning about the letters of the alphabet and the correct writing of those. I worked on personal matters after that until it was lunch time, best time of the day! The Wednesday class is huge, so Rosie and I decided to split it into older and younger. I worked with the younger ones, which was challenging due to their little understanding of English. But with translation of our lovely Tri it all worked out fine. Thank you Tri, you are the hero of the Trust!!!

After the classes I helped Sam and Rosie updating a German volunteer site, which advertises the Trust. Fitri, Tri, Rosie, Sam and I went to Indah's and had a great time with food, drinks and some completely incomprehensible games.

The rest of the week went by in seconds, with kindergarten, English class, conservation class, yoga exercise, Days for Girls workshop, another Jungle Quiz at Orangutan Explore and writing the blog; there is always a lot to do! Being part of the Days for Girls workshops is especially amazing. So many women come and learn about menstrual cycle, feminine hygiene, consent, female anatomy and much more. The workshop is always filled with so much laughter and they are all so grateful when they receive their own personal Days for Girls pack (sustainable reusable sanitary pads).

Terima kasih banyak for reading!

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Emma – Education Programme Volunteer

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