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First Impressions

Selamat siang lovely People !!

We are Maxi and Lukas, two social work students from Berlin and we are looking forward to be a part of the Trust Center team for the next few months.

Our first impression of the place and its inhabitants is positive through and through. All people are extremely friendly and helpful.

Even though people do not have much, they always show their gratitude for life with a big smile on their faces. We have only been here for a week, but already we feel very connected with the local community. As we ride our bikes through the streets and paths of Bukit Lawang, many beaming children and their parents wave to us.

After a warm welcome from the great team on Monday, we went with the kindergarten children on their weekly rubbish pick-up in the surrounding streets. The children had a lot of fun on the litter pick and then this week were rewarded with small sweets!

Every morning, the Trust team comes together for a meeting to discuss the plan for the upcoming day. At 13 o'clock, the good-humored Fitri conjures up perhaps the best food in Bukit Lawang. After lunch and a break, we accompanied and supported the English lessons. The topics this week were emotions, feelings, temperatures and weather.

On Tuesday evening we celebrated together Fitri's birthday party in the BL Indah followed by a pub quiz. On Thursday we had a special visit from a school near Medan. The 100 students arrived at Erna's Ecofarm in the morning, in 2 huge army trucks! There, for the first time, we taught a class independently in the blazing sun. With the help of interaction games, we introduced the students to the topics "colours" and "animals". After all the classes, every subject learned, we enjoyed an exceptionally good lunch together, courtesy of Erna. Then the day continued with the BLT Olympics, in which the students had to complete various tasks, such as "The floor is lava or get through the spiders web".

Last but not least, we were glad that we were able to continue the circus project initiated by former volunteers Jasmin and Toni. For the first time, the children have proven themselves on a Diablo and various juggling and balancing tasks. It was nice to see how enthusiastic the children were there. After a farewell and many photos, the school received a BLT certificate.

Our first week was a fantastic, but also exhausting experience. We are looking forward to a wonderful time in the beautiful Bukit Lawang.

Maxi and Lukas- Volunteers from Germany

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