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Team North Sumatra

We've launched a brand new and unprecedented collaboration of Charities, Organisations, Businesses and Individual Activists all working together to raise vital funds to provide essential food and aid supplies to over 1500 families in 6 different rural communities on the border of the Leuser Ecosystem in North Sumatra. As part of our commitment to this cause the Bukit Lawang Trust team, Including our Trustees! have committed to run, walk or cycle the 10,982km distance between Jersey in the UK, where the charity was originally registered, and Bukit Lawang in North Sumatra between the 1st of March & the 1st of May!

We're calling all of our friends and followers around the world to please donate and support us in this vital aid mission. Additionally, if you would like to get more involved why not join us in this challenge!? Anyone can join either team! 

To see how far each of our teams has gone check out the team pedometers above! or find your friends in the team lists below and see how they are doing! and be sure to click support and donate anything you can to support this incredible cause!  

Thank you! 

Team United Kingdom

Team North Sumatra


Yayasan Bukit Lawang Trust Dusun III,

Timbang Jaya Jalan Besar,

Bukit Lawang,


Langkat Regency,

Sumatra Indonesia 20774,



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