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Our Ecological Farming programs works in partnership with one of our longest standing project partners 'Erna's Eco Farm'. As an Eco farmer you will maintain an active and diverse Eco farm, whilst facilitating training in best practices under the guidance of 'Ibu Erna' herself. 




Travel to the very edge of the wilderness to our Hub in Bukit Lawang. Situated on the edge of the Endangered Leuser Ecosystem, the last place on Earth where you can find Elephants, Tigers, Rhinos, Bears and Orangutans living together in the wild! 

You will contribute towards our program objectives by reducing human caused climate change through the use of unsustainable farming practices.

You will spend most of your time at Erna's Eco Farm overseeing the maintenance of this vibrant and diverse ecologically friendly farm. You wont need experience in Eco Farming as your host 'Ibu Erna' is a Guru of all knowledge and will guide you through your placement. 

  • Receive 1 - 1 support from one of our recruitment team, from the moment you apply until the moment you arrive. 

  • Extremely competitive rates on education volunteer placements. 

  • Receive comprehensive in country training at our Bukit Lawang Hub prior to starting your program.

  • Receive valuable Eco farming & Permaculture coaching worth over £1270. 

  • Experience traditional Sumatran culture and cuisine. 

  • Live and work on the edge of the Tropical Rainforest.

  • Spend your weekends Trekking in the Jungle or visiting the Elephants at nearby Tankahan. 

  • Receive a professional reference and certificate of completion at the end of your placement. 

  • Have access to a wide range of teaching materials & equipment. 

  • Participant and lead a range of 'supporting projects'. 


During the course of your placement you will be directly contributing towards the maintenance of the local ecosystem by looking after this rare and impactful Eco Farm. 

You will be supporting Ibu Erna and her family in maintaining and running a fully operational eco friendly farm, as well as helping to deliver coaching to other farmers in best practices. 

Our Eco Farming program is designed and ran by our Indonesian team and is a perfect escape from the busy modern lifestyle in the west whilst still making a considerable positive impact to the natural environment. 

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Life at the Farm:

Whilst volunteering with us you will be staying with the amazing Ibu Erna (pictured below) in her home in Gotong Royong (a 10-minute walk from the Hub). Erna will be your host, your mother and your manager all wrapped up in one and will be working on the farm with you on a daily basis. You will have breakfast and dinner at the Homestay however your lunchtime meal will be provided for you on the farm during the working day. There is Electricity at the Homestay but currently no WIFI, however, volunteers often make the 10-minute walk to the Hub to use our WIFI in the evenings. Erna will provide you with bedding, however, we advise you to bring your own bed sheets and pillow cases.

There are two bathrooms at the Homestay, both have western-style toilets. There is also a traditional Sumatran Mandi (Bucket Shower). in each of these. There is no hot water, however, with the tropical climate, we have never had a complaint! The Kitchen is equipped with a double hob gas stove for cooking and a water cooler in the dining room. Most of the cooking is done by Ibu Erna but she loves to try European recipes if you are feeling creative! 

There is a large living space on the first floor and an outdoor work space with a large whiteboard adjacent to the house where volunteers prepare and deliver coaching sessions. There is also now a Pizza Oven build by two of our previous volunteers!!!

Flights & Arrivals

Once you book your placement with us you will receive a 'volunteer Handbook' that will guide you through the stages of preparing for your placement with the Bukit Lawang Trust. 

Included in this will be details of how to arrange your flights. We will arrange with you your arrival window to ensure you are arriving a similar time to your fellow volunteers so that you wont be alone. One of our staff team will meet you at the airport and bring you back to the Hub in Bukit Lawang. 

Our staff will also assist you with exchanging money, getting sim cards and mobile phone data as well as a welcome meal from one of our favourite traditional Indonesian Restaurants. 


From the moment you book your placement, to the moment you arrive in country. You will be guided through your pre deployment journey by our Media Recruitment & Marketing intern. Otherwise known as the MRM. Your MRM will guide you through everything from getting insurance, booking flights, vaccinations and visa applications to what to pack and answering those important questions like "How spicy is the food?". 

You will be provided with visa sponsorship as well as guidance on things to do before your placement to prepare! 

Additionally, throughout in country phase of your placement you will have access to 1-1 support from your Program Manager (PM) from the day you arrive until the day you leave.


For all of us here at the Bukit Lawang Trust, your safety is our priority. That's why we maintain a comprehensive 24/7 emergency response system, which all staff are trained in. 

All of our staff are first aid trained, and receive regular refresher training in country, including your refresher training during your volunteer induction! 

Additionally, all staff are background checked and you are required to provide a background check before arriving in country for the start of your placement. 

Throughout your In country placement with us our staff maintain a 1-4 ratio of staff to volunteers, above the industry standard. That's is to ensure you are safe and supported for the duration of your placement. 


First Aid Training:

During your volunteer Induction you will receive First Aid refresher training as part of standard volunteer training. 


Criminal Background Check

As part of our safeguarding policy we require all staff and volunteers to provide an in date criminal background check. 


For all of our volunteers your weekends are free and that means its time to explore! 

The Leuser Ecosystem is a tropical paradise with wild Elephants, Orangutans, Rhinos, Tigers and Bears living together in the Jungle surrounding Bukit Lawang. 

There is so much to do in your spare time from Visiting the traditional market, to Day trips to Bohorok, Jungle Trekking, Jungle River Rafting, Elephant washing at the Tankahan Elephant sanctuary and much much more! 





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Earth is our home, and its the only one we've got. that's why one of our long term objectives is to reverse human climate change by 2050. 

Your Ecofarming Placement is directly contributing towards this.


Explore the tropical rainforests of Sumatra in your spare time to see the Orangutans or immerse yourself in the local culture at the traditional market or any of the many guest houses bars and restaurants.


Included in your placement is High quality training and education in a wide range of topics. developed and refined over almost 20 years ensure excellence.


Become part of the Bukit Lawang Trust Family. Join us on Social Media and join our growing Alumni network. 

Continue making a impact when you return home by hosting a community project of your own!

Type - Volunteering                                                 Duration - 8 - 16 Weeks                                      Price - from £800

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