Head of Conservation talks about his new 'run to keep us running' challenge


On the 29th of August our Head of Conservation and co-manager, Sam, took on the enormous challenge of running from Carlisle to Newcastle to raise funds to keep the Trust operating during these difficult times. Sam was able to raise £2,240, which was enough to ensure the Trust is financially secure until 2021.


Well done Sam!!

'Every donation and every step run makes a huge difference'

Jungle Food Programme

As a result of the Coronavirus destroying Bukit Lawang’s economy and isolating the village, causing food prices to rocket, in May we launched the #FeedTheFifty challenge.
Our goal was to hand out food parcels to fifty student's families before Eid al-Fitr. We are delighted that we massively exceeded this target In the three months in which Bukit Lawang remained closed to tourists (May-July 2020) we were able to deliver 339 food parcels, ensuring that those who normally relied on tourism for an income did not go hungry as a result of the pandemic.
Elderly Community Members
As part of our Jungle Food Programme, we provide monthly food packages to 20 elderly and impoverished individuals in the local community, many of whom are disabled. These monthly food packages cost us £70 in total – including transport costs. We are looking for 7 individuals to commit just £10 per month to this project to ensure that it continues into 2021. If you are interested in supporting this cause, please donate below and e-mail us at to confirm the purpose of your donation.
Our #lookbutdonttouch campaign was launched in October 2019. The campaign was the result of our frustration with pictures on social media of malpractice in the Jungle regarding wild animals. We felt that many tourists were unfairly placing pressure on guides due to a lack of education about animal welfare. The goal of this campaign was to educate people that touching wild animals can be harmful to them. We worked in partnership with Green Hill Bukit Lawang over this issue and we invite you to share our hashtags #lookbutdonttouch #badselfie #nofeeding and #keepwildanimalswild on all your social media if you see malpractice with wild animals. 


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