Our Campaigns

Sponsor a Sustainable Enterprise

We are currently seeking individuals or businesses interested in sponsoring our exciting new Youth-Led Sustainable Enterprise program.

The program looks to raise people out of poverty by establishing new micro sustainable enterprises and improving and developing existing small scale businesses. 

At the end of the program each entrepreneur will pitch their business proposal to a panel of judges who will vote upon the best 5 businesses based on factors such as;

- Sustainable practice

- Financial viability

- Long term planning

- Unique selling Points

-Innovative development plans

and more!


We are hoping that with your support we will be able to financially support these five entrepreneurs to establish their very own Youth led sustainable enterprise here in rural Sumatra 

For those interested in becoming sponsors, please email us at bukitlawangtrustcenter@gmail.com

Our goal is to find 5 sponsors, each willing to commit a one off payment of £300 GBP by April 2020, Sponsors names will appear on our website and will be matched with a beneficiary once the first cycle of the programme ends in April 2020. 

However any donation towards this program will be greatly appreciated, no matter how small! 

Elderly Project

The Trust is currently focusing on the sustainable development goals of No Hunger, specifically in regards to elderly members of the community here in Bukit Lawang. In Sumatra, basic healthcare can be costly, the majority of buildings and roads are not accessible for the physically disabled and many families don't earn enough to save for old age. Thus, elderly people here often suffer both poverty and loneliness. To combat this, we are holding handouts of food to the most needy elderly people identified in the community, alongside community sessions every week, focusing on activities such as reading and exercise. For those less mobile individuals, we are conducting monthly home visits. This project costs us £70 GBP per month and thus we are asking for your help. Any donation towards this project is welcome, simply use the reference 'elderly project' when you donate. If anyone is interested in setting up a monthly donation, please do be in touch, as just 7 people contributing £10 per month can fund this programme. Sponsors names will be listed on our website if consent is given. Let's make a difference to the lives of the most vulnerable here in North Sumatra.


Our #lookbutdonttouch campaign was launched in October 2019. The campaign was the result of our frustration with pictures on social media of malpractice in the Jungle regarding wild animals. We felt that many tourists were unfairly placing pressure on guides due to a lack of education about wild animal welfare. The goal of this campaign is to educate people that touching wild animals can be harmful to them. We believe that their lives are worth more than your instagrams. We have been working in partnership with Green Hill Bukit Lawang over this issue and we invite you call to share our hashtags #lookbutdonttouch #badselfie #nofeeding and #keepwildanimalswild on all your social media. 

For those interested in donating a tree as part of this campaign, our paypal is info@bukitlawangtrust

Trees cost just £1 and use the #lookbutdonttouch as your reference.