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Elisabeth's Testimonial

Name: Lisa Lohmayer


When did you Volunteer? Jan - March 2015


Why did you volunteer? I’ve been on holiday in Bukit Lawang, when I heard about the Trust and I was very impressed by what was built up to help the people after the tragic flash flood. And it’s great that the Trust is now used for something that important as education. Speaking English is especially important regarding the growing tourism in this area. During my stay in Bukit Lawang I appreciated the friendliness and cordiality of the people and in teaching at the school I hope I can contribute a little bit to what the Trust has already achieved for the people here. Also during my studies (psychology) I always enjoyed the work with children, as they are so creative, teachable and straightforward, but also challenging.

Overall experience in 3 words: A fun, exciting and enriching experience.

Best part of teaching? To see, that the children enjoy our games and activities and even ask to stay longer at school.                                      

Best bits: The very friendly and warm welcome by the whole staff, fun games with the children, activities with the other volunteers

Favourite activity/trip visited? Jungle trek, jungle trek in Bukit Lawang :)