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Aini and Fitri

My life with Bukit Lawang Trust


November 2011 - January 2014

I have loved English since I was in High school and I had a really good teacher who taught the best Grammar ever. In 2011 I finished my high school and really wanted to continue my study to University but I kept telling myself that it was not going to happen. After one month I started working in a guest house in Bukit Lawang and it was fun as I could meet a lot of different people and I could practise my English. I did not have a specific job description at that time so I did whatever needed to be done like serving the guests, washed the bed sheets and being a cleaning service but it was not for a long time, I just worked there for a month. One day I was having an allergic reaction on my feet and everything started from this. I did not think this allergic was going to recovered as it was really bad and quite smell. I went to the clinic which called "BUKIT LAWANG TRUST CLINIC", it is a place where it helped the local people after the flood that happened in 2003 in Bukit Lawang. I was waiting for the nurse to check my feet up and she said that a doctor from the city was coming in two days so I had got to wait but I was really scared if they were going to cut my feet off, that was the thought which came to mind. I decided not to go back there and used traditional medicine instead and it worked so I did not meet the doctor who might say she would cut my feet off.

One day there was a wedding next to the clinic where I went to before and I met my friend Fitri who was at the same high school as me and at that time she was working at the clinic as a cook. She invited me to get inside the clinic and she took me to the kitchen and met some of the nurses and at the same time I met a really nice couple from England Susie and Steve and they told me that they were teaching English for the local people. I told them that I had been starting to teach English at home for the children in the village and they seemed interested in visiting my little school. How surprised they were, when they saw me teaching using cardboard and a marker as a blackboard. I had started my little class since I stopped working ay the guest house as I got bored without doing something and helping the kids made my day most of the time.




The couple, Susie and Steve spent a few hours teaching the kids and I showed them around the village as well, the kids just loved them so much. One day Steve came back to my house with a board and he painted it. I was so happy and they told me that the clinic was going to be closed and it would now be an Education Centre. They helped me to get involved while they were teaching and I met Rebecca Coley who offered me the job . We started the Education Centre the end of 2011. We worked hard to get a lot of local children to go to the school and to learn. I had my students from home as well going there every twice in a week. I was struggling for a few months as I could not really understand English but the Trust had helped me a lot by sending some people every once in two months to teach english and I had the chance to practise my English with them everyday.


The next teacher we had was Laura Finney who is from Jersey and she taught the children very well and she liked the kids. We did some activities on the weekend like swimming, going to the jungle and hiking to the jungle.

Most of the teachers did a handover for the next teachers who were coming so they did not have to teach the same topics all the time but sometimes it was quite good to teach the same topic but using some different ways. I was helping the teachers in translating for the students and I enjoyed it so much. Far from that I kept thinking I WAS a student too because I could learn while working which is GREAT!!!!!


We had so many teachers coming from Jersey, United Kingdom which were fantastic in teaching and they supported me to go to University for my first year. I went studying to college for three times a week and for the rest I spent time working at the Trust. So thank you so much for the BUKIT LAWANG TRUST AND THE TEACHERS who had shaped me till I can be like who I am now. So glad having such a good place for people to get a free education so the other people can have a better future.

About the author

Becky Coley is the founder of Bukit Lawang Trust.

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